Welcome to the online application for Digital Drag show, hosted by Biqtch Puddin' each and every Friday 7pm PST/10pm EST. Please fill out the following information for our records. xoxo, Megna & Biqtch Puddin'


Please provide the following information about yourself.

Technology / Performance

Biqtch and I would prefer to have everyone perform live! We have the ability to connect to you on your computer, tablet, or phone with excellent audio quality as WE control the audio and send it straight through the stream as well as through your device. All you need is an internet connection powerful to connect to someone else via video chat. If you want to pre-record it must be something that you physically can not perform live (please explain why editing/pre-recorded elements are crucial to this concept) or you do not have a stable internet connection. Please answer the following:

Payment Information

Please provide any and all payment information so we can make graphics if you are chosen.

Promo Photo

If you are unable to provide a photo through this website, please email it to !